Stock Alerts

With Stock Alerts, you can get notified when one or more stocks meet the criteria you specify. The criteria you specify can be based on technical indicators, price and mathematical operators. Investfly supports much more advanced alerts than what is offered by other platform like Yahoo Finance. Here are some examples:

  • Alert when AAPL hits 27-week high (or any number of weeks)
  • Alert when any SP500 stock drops by 20% during a period of 3 weeks
  • Alert when RSI(14) drops below 30 for any stocks in the custom list - AAPL, MSFT, TSLA, ORCL, WMT.
  • Submit BUY order when AAPL hits 27-week high

*Note that setting an alert is very similar to submitting automated trade order. You could easily have define trade order based on the same criteria like

The user interface and experience provided by Investfly to setup alert is very similar to experience to automate trade. Read Automated Trade for more details.

Alert Features

The list below describes high level settings used by stock alerts. These settings also what makes our stock alerts so flexible and powerful.

Alert Scope

You can define alert on a single stock or multiple stocks. There are three options to limit the stocks that the alert will be set on

  1. Predefined list: You can select our predefined list of stock like SP100, SP500 etc.
  2. Custom list: You can provide your own list by specifying stock’s ticker symbols separated by comma. If you want alert on a single stock, select this option and provide single stock symbol.
  3. Dynamic list: Instead of providing fixed set of symbols, you can specify a criteria using fundamental indicators such as MarketCap > 10B to limit the set of stocks.

Alert Repeatability

You can setup alert as a one time alert or you can set it up a repeatable alert. Since the stock can be defined for multiple stocks, repeatability is interpreted as per stock.

One time alert: If the alert is triggered for stock XYZ, it will never be triggered again for the same stock.

Repeatable alert: Alert is triggered every time the criteria is met. You can setup re-trigger interval if you suspect that your criteria might generate spurious alerts due to wild price swings

Alert Criteria

Alert criteria can be a very complex logical expression involving multiple technical indicators, mathematical operators and numeric values. Please read the section about Expression Overview for more details. Note that alerts are also event based as described in that page.

Create a new alert

Follow the steps below to create a new alert.

  1. Login to Investfly and click on Markets item on the left navigation bar.
  2. Access the alert widget on right side of the market page.
  3. Clink on Set Alert. A new alert popup dialog will appear.
  4. Step through alert templates in the dialog. Click on ‘Select and Modify’ to select a particular template. Or click Create From Scratch.
  5. Specify Alert Name.
  6. Specify Alert Scope as describe above.
  7. Specify Alert Criteria. Refer to Expression Builder for more details
  8. Specify Alert Name.
new watchlist

Enable or disable alert

The status column indicates whether the alert is enabled or not. When the alert is disabled, it will not do anything and you can think of it as saving the alert in a draft (unfinished) state. You can keep the alert in disabled state while you work on fine tuning the criteria. You can set the alert to be enabled while defining the alert or move the slider in the status column to enable or disable the alert.

Edit Alert

Click on the pencil edit icon. It will bring up the same dialog as create alert dialog. Modify name, criteria or other settings as needed and click Save button. Once updated, the new settings will take effect immediately.

Delete Alert

Click on the delete icon to delete the alert.