Virtual Portfolio

Virtual portfolio is a paper trading account that allows you to practice buying and selling without risking real money. They are completely disposable, which means you can create and delete them with any amount as many times as you want. Once you have a virtual portfolio, you can interact with it (trade stocks, view open positions, balances etc) just like in a real broker account. All Investfly trade related capabilities, such as submitting automated trades, deploying an automated strategy are support both on virtual portfolio and broker account in the exact same way. This enables you to quickly and easily switch a trading strategy from virtual to real account.

portfolio details page

Access virtual portfolios

  1. Login to Investfly
  2. Click on Portfolios navigation menu item on the left nav bar

Create new virtual portfolio

  1. Follow steps above to access virtual portfolios
  2. Click on Add Virtual Portfolio
  3. Provide requested information and click Save

Portfolio Starting Amount

When you provide portfolio starting amount, be sure to enter sufficient amount because you cannot deposit more cash into virtual portfolio later. This makes it easier to interpret portfolio performance report. Imagine you are seeing portfolio equity value over time in a chart. If cash can be deposited and withdrawn at random points in time, then the chart won’t make any sense, unless we adjust for deposit and withdrawal separately in the performance report. Investfly disallows adding or removing cash to simplify reporting of portfolio performance.


If you make your portfolio public, it can be viewed by other users in our platform. This means that users will be able to view your current open position, trade history, performance etc. You may want to do this if you are marketing yourself in our platform.

Portfolio Dashboard

You will work with portfolio by accessing the portfolio dashboard. You can access portfolio dashboard from the portfolio list page. Please read Portfolio Dashboard for more details. Paper trading is not the same as real trading. Virtual portfolio tries to simulate real market but with significant differences. Your strategy could perform very different in virtual and real trading.